Under African Skies Collection: Ethiopia Dimtu Farm - Natural Process

This coffee is decadent and deeply rich with tones of dried blueberry, lemon, and a hint of strawberry candy to complement it's creamy mouthfeel


 Around 6500 farmers deliver cherry to Dimtu washing station in Hambela. The average farm size is 1.5 hectares, has red clay soil and use Besana and Berbera as shade trees. The sit emanager at Dimtu is names Tilahun.

This is a privately owned washing station in Guji, Hambela managed by husband and wife, Gizaw Alemayu and Frehiwot Mekonnen as well as other active family members. They have 3 washing stations and a farm on their own and they also manages two more washing stations for their friends. They also have a private farm as well as they work with some very interesting farmer groups for naturals. The washing stations and those of the partners are located in the highlands in Yirgacheffe and Guji.


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