Costa Rica CoopeDota Honey Process Collection

Costa Rica CoopeDota Honey Process Collection

This exciting limited edition two pack features the same coffee processed in two different methods. The honey process involves removing part of the cherry from the coffee beans, imparting a subtle fruit flavor that's not too overbearing.

The Red Honey offering leaves more of the fruit intact and has a longer drying time, bringing about a deep, sweet and syrupy flavor.

The Yellow Honey method removes more of the fruit and has a shorter drying time, and the coffee is very vibrant, with tons of floral notes and a delightful candied lemon acidity.

The producer, CoopeDota, is the world's first certified carbon-neutral exporter, integrating social services and environmental protections while producing some of the highest quality coffee available in Costa Rica.

Two 5oz tins, whole bean only.

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